Swype for iOS 8

Swype for iOS 8 1.4

From typing to 'swyping'

Swype is a solid third-party keyboard for iOS 8. View full description


  • Attractive themes
  • Access settings from the keyboard
  • Fast and fluid typing


  • Slow to delete words
  • Next word options needs improvement


Swype is a solid third-party keyboard for iOS 8.

As you swipe across the keyboard it works very fluidly with no lags and its word prediction is excellent. Its choice of the next word doesn't always seem logical, but that improves the more you use it. Swype has a choice of very attractive themes, but its layout lets it down. Most of the punctuation is in the second menu and it can be slow to delete words.

Overall, Swype will speed up your typing, but it still needs some improvement.


  • Swype has added support for 16 new languages, as well as intelligent Emoji support in 6 languages (English (US), English (UK), French, Italian, German and Spanish). There is also now a customizable keyboard layout (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY), an auto-space option, and a sound on Keypress option. The iPad layout has also been improved.

Swype for iOS 8


Swype for iOS 8 1.4